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Anatomy of aesthetics

At Anatomy of Aesthetics, we are dedicated to redefining facial beauty through precision injectables, empowering our clients with natural, age-defying treatments grounded in the mastery of facial anatomy. Our mission is to pioneer a new standard in aesthetic medicine, blending artistry with anatomic expertise!

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Our story

Behind The Anatomy of Aesthetics

Morgan Rentro, a CANS-certified Registered Nurse, stands at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, with a particular emphasis on facial injectables that harmonize artistry with anatomy. Her journey began in Los Angeles, where she cultivated her expertise over six transformative years, before returning to her roots in Arizona. Here, she established Anatomy of Aesthetics, a beacon of innovation in the realm of medical aesthetics. 


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At Anatomy of Aesthetics, Morgan’s philosophy centers on a meticulous understanding of facial anatomy—a knowledge she translates into the safest, most effective, and sophisticated injectable treatments. Her practice has become a niche carved between the broad offerings of Med Spas and the surgical focus of Plastic Surgery, fulfilling the community’s desire for preventative, restorative, and naturally beautiful results.

Beyond her clinical practice, Morgan is passionate about becoming a leader in aesthetic education. She imparts her knowledge nationwide as a distinguished trainer for industry giants Galderma and Allergan. Her expertise also shines through her faculty role at AMSPA’s Academy for Injection Anatomy (AIA) course, where she guides peers in the pursuit of excellence in facial aesthetics.

Morgan’s dedication to education and patient outcomes doesn’t end at the clinic’s doors. She is an advocate for continuous learning and the evolution of aesthetic medicine, ensuring that the latest techniques and products are utilized for outcomes that embody natural beauty. Her approach is not just about enhancing appearances—it’s about instilling confidence and promoting the highest standards of safety and care in the industry.

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Treatment Areas


Reverse signs of aging and the effects that gravity has made on our faces by focusing on your cheeks!


Improve symmetry, replenish volume, get that perfect cupid’s bow, lip flips.  We have your lips covered!


Temple filler is another very popular treatment and can be incredibly impactful!


Chin filler is becoming much more popular due to it being One of the most impactful injectable treatments of the face!


Ladies and Gentleman!  Whether you are looking for more feminine or masculine, we have you covered.

Tear Trough

It’s commonly said that the eyes are the window to the soul.  Lets make sure your eveys match how you feel!

The perfect holiday gift!


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During the consultation, will i also have time for treatment?

At The Anatomy of Aesthetics prioritizes getting a full medical and aesthetic background, and most importantly, what your specific aesthetic goals are.

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We will ALWAYS do whatever we can to accommodate your schedule.  We currently have a waitlist, that we use to quickly fill in cancellations or any changes in the schedule.

Our online booking portal makes it easy for you to find the next available appointment, and you can also call to speak to our front desk to get on our waitlist!

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